diet recipes

I love food!Who wouldn't?:))

When I was a little girl, I used to watch my mother in our little kitchen, so busy preparing our meal. My mom is a great cook. But sad to say, even now, I haven't got mom's talent in cooking. However, I am still willing to learn even more. They say learning how to cook doesn't need talent, just the ability and the willingness  to learn. Everything can be learned by passion. Nowadays, I notice that there are many who enroll into culinary courses. Of course, putting up restaurant or food chain is a very good business. But aside from that, many famous restaurants around the globe are now making culinary experts in demand. 

Hence, what makes other food chains known to many customers is the kind of food being served. While we crave for fatty food and those that will satiate our stomach regardless of whether it is good for our health or not, still it's a big factor that we have to be cautious with our food intake. It is very important that restaurants everywhere should also serve slow carb diet recipes especially for the health conscious ones and also for the older ones. 

Sure thing I will try diet recipes in my cooking. Our health will always be our wealth and I so believe in that saying. 


"Never put an end to your journey though your loses may double your winnings in life. Find hope in each waking day and endure along with time,so that at the end of the day..you will have story to tell, not just your story... but OUR story."


Your dream wedding

They say year 2012 is the best year for marriage. I couldn't agree less on this for the part of the Chinese since it is the year of the dragon. However, for whatever reason and for whatever race, I still believe that the best luck for marriage is still within the hands of each couple. Now the thought of settling down can be both an exciting and trembling feeling. Well, "trembling" might be an understatement for couple who just couldn't wait to have each other finally together in one roof though. But the feeling of wanting a wedding event at least closed to perfect, that's where trembling comes in (lol!). 

Believe it or not, just last night, I dreamt of a wedding event. I don't know why. Maybe it's just a reminder for me start rambling my thoughts here about getting married. Well, for sure not for my part, at this time, though!lol! But then perhaps, I can contribute to friends who thought of settling down. For most couples, they prefer a beach wedding or a garden wedding, other than the traditional church wedding, for most Christians or Catholics. But I guess Estate Weddings & Events can also be a very good option. This is actually a definitely unique idea in this present time, the venue is also a perfect place for luxury retreats to choose from for the married couple. Well, wedding bell is just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And so, we all want it a memorable one. Surely, you already have your dream wedding in mind but after this contemplation , perhaps you'll realize there's more to the dream you dream of. Have a blessed Sunday!



Clearing my vision

For years, I've endured the thought that I could very well work on my paper works without my glasses on. I remember my eye doctor once telling me never to remove my glasses. That was my first purchase of my eyeglasses, when my astigmatism hit me few years back. However, I felt like my eyeglasses didn't fit my younger days then. I guess it had something to do with my choice for a design. And I had it removed from time to time and used only when situation called. But years went by, I slowly felt the need to purchase another eyeglasses especially now that I've been reading most of my spare time. Thus, I  went back for an eye consultation to see how my vision is after years of no longer wearing glasses. Most of us may want stylish eyeglasses, something that would at least make us trendy in a way. And so I tried search for something that would make me looking not too genius for an old woman (lol!). For most of us, we thought that wearing eyeglasses would only make us mature looking. However, you can choose for stylish eyeglasses that are perfectly designed or crafted for your age. You can look for something classy but the price is just right. Every one of us has the right to a perfect vision at least to see how even beautiful life is without having the feeling of inconvenience to eyesight. There a  lot of existing eyecrafters everywhere to help give you better vision for a reasonable price. Now, I feel even more comfortable having my eyeglasses on from time to time.

Well, literally, my eyeglasses help a lot in clearing my vision..and hopefully (metaphorically) will give me a clearer vision about the things I wish to pursue in life.:)