an award and a few facts about me

my gratitude to ghee for this cute award. happy birthday gurl!:)

I have not copied the entire rules for passing this award but one thing i remember is that you are going to write ten facts about your self. Ok, without much ado, here are some facts about me that some haven't realized even when I've been blogging for years.:D

1. i am the wackiest/kalog in my (HS)circle of friends (can you believe that?) hehe!
2. i love to make prank calls to my close relatives' houses..i would change my voice and pretend to be making business deals with them. after the trick, i would reveal myself while they hate me but laugh out loud at the same time.:D
3. my first ambition when i was still growing up is to be a 'sexytary'..hehe!sure ayy, gusto ko lang maging secretary...ewan bakit ako napunta sa teaching.hehe!
4. i love to groove (when no one's watching) even without music.:)
5. my very first serious performance in front of many was when i sang "kung kailangan mo ako" by rey valera when i was in high school.yayyy!:D

di ko na kaya umabot ng ten facts kasi kahiya na..hehe!am passing this on to Bes and Jie.


Mari said...

It's true your blog is cute. Not too many decors, so it's easy on the eye.

Hmmm...kalog? LOL

Teaching is an honorable profession. Without them we wouldn't have doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers and etc. Pssst...my mom was a school principal. Of course, she was a teacher before that.

Congrats on the award.

krystyna said...

Congratulations on the award. I like your home -blog and I like your posts.
Thank you for sharing about yourself. What a pity I don't understand everything perfectly,
btw.your language is beautiful;
but I know few new facts about you.

Congrats to winners too.

God bless!

ev said...


thanks a lot my friend...

hey! i love my profession and i never regret any. wow! i love teachers of course..you're lucky to have a mom with such a noble profession.

yeah, i have already anticipated that it would be too good to be true for all you here to realize that i am 'kalog' because most of my articles are in serious mood.hehe!


My apology for some words I used that you don't understand but I am filled with gratitude that you still keep coming back here inspite of that and even when I am offline most often.:D

much more to say..thank you Krys!

Nance said...

I'm with you with your #4! lol makes me laugh out loud too bcause i feel like a wacko! oh well ...

tonet said...

there are a lot to mention about you. Cguro sa kadaghan di na maigo. But you are right about #1.

ghee said...

really?kalog?hahaha,pero i remember our chats,nakakatuwa!

hey,thats hilarious!you fooled your relatives eh?haha!

thax for posting this Ev..

wITChy Boop said...

kataw-anan bes! Ikaw ni? hahahahaha