this is already long overdue but i still wish to share..

that certain glow of my curtain from the bright reflection of the sun outside got me up. things were vivid as i peeped out of my window: birds chirping, the sun shining, blue clouds covering the sky and green leaves waving on branches. but wait! i have to hurry for a grand event. and so i jam packed a few of my belongings, have them all prepared and headed to the hotel for a make-over.

i still remember when we were still growing up, we just used to have fun not a care in the world. and now look at us...trudging life into an even mature perspective. sometimes i still couldn't imagine how much we've grown to be thinking already of making a family--of our own.

the bridesmaids were already there as we arrived at the hotel. ready to be even more pretty with their gowns. the wedding ceremony at the church was set to 3pm and so we had more time to prepare like what to bring, what not to miss for the entourage...wishing not to forget things from the smallest detail for the occasion to the biggest stuff. all went well at the church. right after the wedding ceremony we headed to the hotel for the reception. the whole event ended at around 10pm. (a little late)

as i walked out of the reception room, feeling a little exhausted, i heard a beautiful voice from a lady serenading in one corner while playing the piano. that atrium was filled with couples in such sweet countenances while they were surrounded with red heart-shaped balloons.

..little did i realize that it was valentine's day. oh boy!i almost forgot!haha!

i have always been so close to my cousin. i've seen her grown to be a matured woman..from her most painful journey to the happiest...now even more ready to face the challenges of time and dream on with her unceasing love to her family and devotion to God. if only uncle were still here with us, he could have been the most proud father in the world.

it was my cousin's wedding day...finally, she'd found her man. and i've never seen such a beautiful bride on the 14th of February.

***mao lang to akong sugilanon charo!:D


Mari said...

As they say, a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day. It is true, isn't it?

ghee said...

awww,congrats to your cousin,ev.
such a sweet article for her. :)
ang ganda ng opening mo noh?what more can i say? :)

im sure they will not forget their wedding anniversary(it happens to me and my hubs these past few years eh,haha...sa tagal,nakakalimutan na. ;) bumabawi na lang pag naalala...LOL)

enjoy your weekend,mah frend!what did you wear on that day?ang sarap umattend ng wedding ceremonies ano?have you seen the movie 27 dresses?twas so interesting!

ev said...


yes very true, i agree with you.:)


always a bridesmaid never a bride!parang movie!?LOL!:D

Nance said...

oh i love weddings! i was a bridesmaid once at a friend's wedding in the late 70's, a matron of honor twice pero wala man lang akong pic kahit isa sa mga 'yon. am too embarrassed to ask from the newly weds. :(

Congrats and best wishes to your cousin.

Carver said...

Sounds like a wonderful wedding. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

ghee said...

yes!!that movie,Ev!always always a bridesmaid....but her 28th gown was her wedding gown naman ;)