just give

It's love month. At times I no longer know how to gather my thoughts when talking about love. We all have countless of viewpoints about it. We even put the feeling into a song, a painting or a good poem as it inspires. And we can even make a masterpiece out of it. Love makes the grass greener, makes the sun brighter or makes a life more worth-living. It's not only each year that St. Valentine wants us not to forget the real measure of love in every one of us. But we are also reminded of it in every tick of the clock...not only in our relationship with our partner (if you have) but also in our daily response to people and situations. Love is not only confined within the feeling of two people for each other. But it is also best represented within our motives and actions towards the people we get along everyday.

*Are you being gentle with your house helpers when you give a command or just used to shouting at them because you find them too dull and not as smart as you are?
*Do you treat your pets like they're also part of your family or you just feed them because they help you watch your house from thieves and strangers?
*Do you care to smile to people you come across on your way to work or you just walk past them because you're too in hurry to notice them?

Love has many expressions ..only at a different level. Most often we thought of love as something that we can only give to the people within our circle. Love that is even conditional. Love is only love when it does not dwell on pride or arrogance. If a dog or a cat is capable of loving its master by wagging its tail upon seeing him/her on the door step, what more for us humans? Look around and know that there are a lot of people in this world who also need our kind of LOVE. Just give... but only when your heart is already willing. We can't be saints but we can choose to be truly human.

Have a happy heart everyone...keep going!


Nance said...

We can express love in so many ways...it is a universal language.
Good points, ev.

ev said...

Yes nance, you are absolutely correct. It's a love that's universal.Well just a thought..thanks gurl!:)