It's been months..soon it'll be a year..or years.
And I pray, that whatever there is that holds within this silence,
I will have the answer to all of this...in some time and space.
You've had a change of heart and that I must respect,
Things are not beyond my control..that I've to accept.
I dreaded the times, when I have to weep,
Over the realization that ours is not for keep.
But for sure, I won't ever ever regret,
That in my life, you came though you left.
You never said a word..or even a hint that you'd leave.
And it breaks my heart so, though i have to be brave.
And so when this is over, I say,"thanks for the happy times.."
You will be remembered not only for this moment...but in a lifetime.
Holding close to my heart, like no one else can.
I will tell the whole world that once in my past,
"I was so blessed to have you my man."


Midas said...

Poignant...for whom was this?

Tikey said...

Hep hep!

Nancy said...

pssstt! edited na lagi na.....

ghee said...

hmmm,sino kaya...si*** or si ***?

i could almost feel every word,every scene! very honest,emotional and touching.

well done,EV!

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
Beautifully written and full of emiotions.
Good luck, Ev!

Gladys said...

U really love him don't you? I thought it was over...

Hmmmm, I hope you'll get over him soon...

ev said...

Dugay na ni tya...