Thank you for the music...

i could not imagine life without music.it seems to me that as it purges one's emotion, music is a like a healing balm that eases the hollow thing in a wandering soul.

this song reminds me of the wonderful times when i joined a choir group back in high school. everything was quite a struggle though. like when we had to wake up at early dawn before our presentation to do vocalization. when we were not allowed to drink anything cold and even eat ice cream!waaahhh! but our sacrifice was worth it all, we were able to give back to God the talent that He so freely gave. that was the experience that really brought me closer to my faith. though i don't have the same fire unlike before , to sing and go with the beat of the song, i will continue to sing in my own simple way ( sa bathroom na nga lang..hehe). i'm such a lucky one that once upon a time, i was given the chance to give my share in the world of music.

and so i say.."really, thank you God for the music..."


ann said...

2 days ako narinig ko sa tv yung themesong ng bestfriend ko back home saka yung bf nya na niloko lang sya. I sent her text messages then nag reply sya sabi nya, "I remember the boy but I can't remember the feeling anymore." Music talaga, maraming ibinabalik na memories.

Happy weekend ev!

ev said...

music really brings back a lot of memories mmy ann..para bang alam na alam na talaga nung kanta kung anong pinagdadaanan ng isang tao...and its amazing na talagang nakakarelate tayo halos sa bawat nais ipahiwatig nung song.

life would probably be so boring without music..hehe!

happy weekend too mmy ann!

ghee said...

I second the motion..Thank You God for the music :)

uy,member ka rin pala ng choir?ako rin,super active :)

thanx for sharing this music,Ev ;)

Nance said...

Hi ev ... looks like my first comment didn't go through. I like the beat of Abba's songs! Mama Mia on broadway is a collection of their songs, I enjoyed watching it.

Dabawenya Babe said...

you do have a great voice..kamong duha ni sheng. mag-karaoke nya ta pag-uli nako puhon..ako tig-sayaw kamo tigkanta..hehe