unanticipated ( the job_part2)

A month after, I slowly learned to find my lot, slowly building friendship with co-workers, but not with our principal. He was being feared by everybody for his strict implementation of the school policies and most of all, his fearless discipline towards his teachers. He wouldn't care to have you embarrassed during a meeting if you couldn't meet his expectation. On one occasion, my male co-teacher and I were in his office, one morning, for a confrontation. My co-teacher cried in front of him but I... never. I managed to keep my composure though deep inside I was hurting. Sometimes, his character was unbelievable. He would refuse to listen to your reason and believe only on his own.

But when I got home, I cried buckets in silence. I thought of giving up but my will to stay prevailed. I told  myself, he's just a challenge. I must not let him simply win. I have to keep going.

I wouldn't mind finding him almost always outside my classroom, observing how I managed my class and gave lecture. I wouldn't mind him, getting inside in one of my classes, doing unannounced observation. His stare could kill if you would not stick your courage to a sticking place.

Those were moments, I had very little anticipation with on being in the teaching profession. Those times when I must simply be the confident master of my own work inside the classroom but there are people around haunting your concentration as if ready to devour you at any moment because you couldn't perfect your job.

If this is the kind of environment I would be dealing with everyday of my life, I must find ways. I want to be happy with my job. I want to be happy while with my pupils, as we learn together, each day.

Just when I thought already of leaving my post as the school year ended, it was the circumstance already that found way for me to stay. Our dear principal left his job to finally retire as he too was in conflict with his superiors.

It was a relief. God always finds a way.


Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Nakakainis ang mga boss na ganyan...hindi ba nila alam na ang kanilang mga tao ang magdadala ng kanilang tenure at tagumpay. Dapat kung hindi nila kayang ibigay ang magagandang benefits at matataas na sahod dapat ibigay nila sa kanilang mga subordinates ang isang conducive environment dapat may respeto din..Hay galit ako sa mga ganyang boss, boss lang sila pero hindi at never maging leader

Ash said...

So true - God always finds a way!