the job

(A recap..)

Welcome to my first day in the teaching profession.

There were thirty 5th graders under my advisory. Noise was airing from two other classrooms next to where I was heading. I was still on the hallway halfway off to my advisory class. As I stepped on the doorway, all eyes were on me. And the silence was deafening for awhile. I did greet casually putting my voice in a not much high tone in order to be heard until the last person seated at the back. They responded in a much higher tone. "Ok, please take your seat." They sat while eyes still on me.

I knew that day would be one of the toughest circumstances I would have in a classroom setting. Had the previous teacher did not get married and went abroad to be with her husband, she would have been their adviser still. And I wouldn't find myself in a situation where I would be coping with their anxieties about who and how this new teacher in front of them would appear to be in the middle of school year. I knew then, it was an adjustment on the pupils part as much as in mine. But I felt a no way out. I needed the job.

I introduced myself on a lighter mode and more bubbly gesture to at least make them feel at ease. I could not read their mind as of the moment. I plainly saw normal reactions in their countenance. I asked each to introduce themselves shortly to me too. Some stood shy while others went confident and funny. I ended the session with only trying to get acquainted with them at least in a way. And as I went out of the classroom, I felt a big deep breath like a stone just falling into my diaphragm. I was thinking already what impression the pupils might have on me. I couldn't help from feeling there would probably be a big comparison about who's better between me and the teacher who left.

Just when I thought that my adjustment will just be inside my new advisory class, I was a big wrong. There was a bigger challenge at hand inside the faculty room. Being new, I was quiet, a bit shy, and could only manage a friendly smile. They were nice and friendly for sure. However, one of them being the head teacher, was a bit strict that I must earn her trust.

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