He's watching..

"And that no matter how many times I would
shy away from HIM, there is never a bit
that He isn't watching. I just forget..
I am
immersed in HIM."


i live in a third world country

"It is a not mistake that we are born in a third world country nor a luck for those who do not."

What would you feel if you see your countrymen, though college graduates but prefer to work their butt abroad in exchange of their college diploma and that of a family that is supposed to be intact, only to sustain the need of their loved ones? Or of those who couldn't just finish schooling and opted to be in a flock of domestic helpers even become victims, if not of their rude employers, then of their greedy agencies? How about women posting sexy photos online to get the attention of another whorelike creature in the internet, who took advantage waiting at any moment to devour an innocent one, as an exchange for a convenient life? Would you be happy to hear foreign men, thinking of your fellowmen, scammers? misers?

All for money. Forget about the virtues which some say, cannot feed a hungry family. Let's forget about the moral lessons taught to us by our great grandparents and even those values instilled to us when we were in kinder. Let's forget about what our heroes in the past fought for because what matters in this present time is our pursuit to "survival". I see that as time ticks, I am in a place where there is a literal implication on the survival of the fittest. But still I say, "it is not a mistake" that we are here facing the ill-effect of the present time while others have what they want in an instant.

Well, perhaps for some,this not the be- all and end- all of what living is all about. Perhaps, you still enjoy how your neighbors greet you every morning with a smile that cost nothing but an assurance that seems to say, "hey, life is good!" on your way to work. Or see joy how others, in their old age, feel the love and care of their children every moment of the day while others sigh and neglect to feel. Much more to say, I, for the most part, am still in awe how my poor fellowmen find strength in their faith each time I see churches filled with vast of people..regardless of whether they seek to Him for personal desires or that for others.

Had we only deeply realized what we actually have to cultivate, plow, develop,or even change our selfish ways then perhaps, some people around the globe would just desire what this third world country has. If only...to a world that is already deeply scarred, we can only hope for a brighter future.

Thanks for reading.

online degrees

The present generation almost always make people in a rush. Everything seems to be moving on in fast forward along with the latest technology. Some people came running after their ultimate goals. It was just yesterday when we were so content with what's been laid on us by our former college professors in order to get our diploma and be certified to get a decent job. Well, not exactly as the pressure of the present time. Good thing though, busy people nowadays have options such in advancing education to a much greater height. Online degrees are on its way paving chances with those having busy career in life.

Amazing but it's so true. I see online degree programs in photography! Wow!I love photography. Just capturing the moment excites me. As for a thought of getting a degree online, I will just keep fingers cross but surely, this is very beneficial not only for the busy ones but even those who find it more comfy. If however, you need assistance in getting a degree thru Free Application For Federal Student Aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Start now and reach for your dreams!

web host

Blogging for years may brought you to a thought to have finally managed hosting a site. However, some say that it's not that easy. Aside from the maintenance, you will have to look for a web hosting provider that will best meet the service you expect also with less amount that one will have to pay.

Bloggers like me may have been thinking too of the scope that varies in the web hosting services such in colocation. Many internet service providers may have limitless offers but of course we all want a much detailed yet up-to-date services. Well, some of us may not be new to technology and non computer geniuses but we know so well which web hosting services do serve best. We can differentiate one very good web provider than the rest, in a way. For your passion to online writing, it's high time to elevate your blogging journey with the best web hosting service provider available online.


the farewell..

"let this be your moment...
..free from school works
..for it is but only once that you become a child.
"thank you kids..it was worth the while.
i surely will miss this path."

~sei Ev :)
(Taken: March 26, 2011)

coin collection

Are you into collecting old coins? Have them be of great value now. Had I only known from the start that old coins would still be valuable in this present time, I would probably have collected buckets of them from the past decades. Who knows? Sometimes real luck comes in big surprises. As I come across gold IRA , I see that coins collectors will have greater chance to investing more from it and have their coins be even more valuable. IRA gold has got much to offer. Never thought that even the economic crisis will have its contribution to the value that coins can bring.

Guess this is seeing the lighter side of every story. Or could be what an old cliche says that when one door closes, another window opens. Well, for whatever this means, there are trends that weaken stocks and other paper investments and causes the price of gold as gold 401k, 401k gold, and to gold IRA transfer. These trends such as inflation, high oil and gas prices, even war, bank failures, or a budget deficit, and more to it will cause higher value to your coin collection. Start now and go for your dream!


pep talk

I was talking to my cousin last night (with bowl of pop corns in between our knees..)who just finished high school. I asked about what course she would want to pursue in college. Taking a pause, I wonder what she was staring at. We were facing the computer screen and with such pride she turned to me saying, "I want to wear this one!". Little did I realize that she was surfing online for nursing uniforms. My cousin always amuses me with the way she sees things at her young age. "So you want to be a nurse?", I asked. She simply nodded. "Don't wanna be a teacher?", I added teasingly. She smiled and uttered almost a whisper, "I'm afraid am going to lose my composure once I start to get mad with my students. It's hard to stay beautiful and get mad at the same time." I laughed hard. :))

Another thing about her is that she always wants to look fashionable. Filled with excitement, she was closely looking at the nursing uniforms and scrubs and the nursing scrub tops on the computer screen as if imagining how she would look like and still in her own fashion statement even in uniform. I teased and asked, "You sure you really wanna be a nurse or you just like the scrubs?I can buy you one!?" She grinned. I remember her friend once said, "My cousin sometimes thinks like I do". Does it mean I am also as crazy as this young girl?" nahhh!:D