to love again...

"You know when you're in love...you become poetic. Sometimes when I think of it, I just have to smile. If only the feeling is enough...but no, there's more to that."

Because of you I feel even more secure,

for what is my heart for... without someone to help me give it all.

Because of you I see life even more of reasons to live for,
for what good is this existence... without having the one to call my own.

Because of you I've lots of realization,for what is the mind's imaginings... without having able to realize and make them real.

Now i know what God has promised...and it's all because of YOU!


Anonymous said...

love it!!!
now it's time to spill the bean who this "you" is... ^-^
miss you ate! take care! God bless!!!


ev said...

hihihi!i love you too my dear cousin!missyah!