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One of the most challenging part on being in a teaching profession is not only about dealing students coming from different culture, personalities or behavior, but also about being ready for whatever questions your students might throw to you.

Sometimes when I feel like talking more than what my time only requires for a certain lesson, I would go beyond lecturing about anything that might relate to the topic so as to excite and not to bore the class. Along with this is my goal to get the ideas or opinions of an 11 or a 12 year-old. In one of my classes, one of them mentioned about God being his guide in his study. I was impressed to hear about my pupil's opinion then when out of the blue, there was one sitting at the back who raised his hand and asked, "Is there really a God?"

I personally say that talking about God is something I find so profound. Sometimes, I feel like I am in no position to give lecture about faith or beliefs other than leaving this to their religion teacher. And so I stopped for some seconds and thought of clearer view about God's existence. I said, "Yes, there is God." But I uttered the line just like a whisper, however, everybody was so quite and listening. And then I asked them, " Can you see the air you breath every second and every minute of the day?" They answered in chorus, "NO!". And then again, in a soft voice I said, "That's God." "He might not be visible but you know that He's around." "Because sometimes and even most often,those that we do not see are more essentials than those we see from our naked eyes", as quoted from "The Little Prince". I told them try not to breath and sure thing you'll never survive." And then it made me smile seeing them holding their breath and pinching their nose.. showing me such signs innocence.

And as I went out of my class, I felt like that moment was the most fulfilling lecture that I've ever done in my entire teaching career. Not because of the example I set to them, but perhaps mainly because of the wisdom God can give to anyone.

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You handled this very wisely, ev...
i couldn't have done it any better!