i seldom hear mass early in the morning-- especially a 6AM mass.. in fact, i can only count from my fingers times that i tried to in a year. however, in most occasion, most lessons from the priest's sermon that i barely remember were those times when i got the chances to hear morning masses.

today, as i chance to attend early Sunday mass, the sermon of the priest brings such a wonderful lesson. he talks about being in a profession and of service, putting into example a doctor who's been feeling the frustration each time his patients would die. because of this, this doctor confronted his father who's, at the same time, a doctor.

the father's advice went like this:

"being in a profession, you need to have these aspects: you must know how to CARE, being the first..must know how to show COMPASSION.. must know how to COMMUNICATE and think of your COMPETENCE, being at your last. don't look at your patients as just mere specimen or objects that you need to cure.. but remember that they're humans too who may be needing your care, compassion, communication...so that at the end of it all, whether they have to go or not, you can build an in depth relationship with them. and that..sure thing they'll never forget."

..wish i could say more..for this is so true nowadays.
perhaps, it's because of the competition people feel at work. just one thing--i will never forget this lesson.

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