mao na ni!

We were at the beach during the weekend. And as I was watching from a distance how people enjoyed the sea, I noticed this woman bringing an umbrella while dipping herself into the water. Perhaps, caring less with how might people around her react.

And so I SAID to myself, "mao na gyud ni ang epekto sa global warming bah.. and i won't be wondering at all, if years from now tanang mangaligo ug dagat, magpayong na.":D


Mari said...

Looks crazy, but she probably wanted to enjoy the water without getting burned. This reminded me of my lady boss some years ago, who dipped in her swimming pool wearing a hat. She stays away from the glare of the sun as much as possible, though she's white. As you well know, white people like to sunbathe to get a tan, but not her. She knows that too much sun would ruin her skin.

wITChy Boop said...

I like the woman Bes. Ganyandin kc ako! hihihi

ev said...


hey!been a while..sorry for the delayed response. Nways, thanks for sharing your story..hahaha!i guess this is really the reality with what is going on now to our planet earth. i only hope we can do something to at least remedy this damaging environment.

hugggsss to you Mari. Keep posting!:)


haha!no doubt maka-relate kau ka ug ako pud in a way.:D

lab u bes!

glad said...

hala..may pag wa na man maligo..matay sab ning sitwasyona uy..

perteng katawa nako diri..nagpayong jud diay..

tya, pede nako re-post imong pic sa akong blog? nalingaw jud ko..

ev said...

i-repost lang tya!:)