Out of my League

Because every love story ......

...has a melody.


Pedro is jumping...

One day, in our linguistics class, one of our classmates was sharing to us her experience being an English teacher in public school. Well, being a teacher elsewhere is never easy, but a true educator will only taste just what virtue there is in the teaching profession if he/she gets to encounter students whose academic performance seems to be beyond salvation.

My classmate went on sharing addressing it to our lady professor. “Ma’am, what happened to the English grammar of our students today? It seems like instead of improving, I feel like, it goes on deteriorating? When I tried once to handle grammar to the grade schoolers and asked them to construct even a simple sentence out of the given verb, the sentence went like this - “Pedro is jumping”. Now I have been handling grammar still but this time, I handle high schoolers and when I would ask them to write a sentence, I still read the same sentence as “Pedro is jumping”. And then here’s the funny one, out my desperation I asked them,”Class, wala ba na gikapoy si Pedro ug ambak? Murag elementary pa man mo ana nga sentence hangtud karon high school na mo gaambak-ambak gihapon si Pedro?!!(Class, is Pedro not yet tired of jumping? Ever since you were in elementary I read the same sentence from you. And now you’re in high school, you think Pedro never gets tired of jumping?!!!).

Everybody in our class laughed. We all laughed over the reality..and its sad.The poor English performance of the students especially in the remote or public schools is truly happening. Until now, we have been trying to figure out just what is really wrong with our educational system nowadays. We made research and assumption on the possible causes of the students’ poor performance esp. in English, like maybe the teacher is ineffective, or maybe its poverty when the student would go to school and yet could hardly concentrate or comprehend with the lesson because he/she must have gone to school while her/his stomach is empty, or maybe they lack vitamins, lack support from their families or maybe the school facilities are insufficient. There are many factors to consider but we still cannot find a definite fact or bases to finally put conclusion on this issue.

Now, I advice not only the schooled ones but even the out of school to make reading a habit because it will really help. Not all who can speak English well have finished college, because not everyone of us can afford to finish education, knowing how commercialized education has become at present. And so I suggest that let learning be in our inner selves’ motivation. Learning doesn’t end in school. True that sometimes we need encouragement and motivations from any concern people, but still ours is the last option. We are ourselves’ own great teachers. We are born with “free will” and not having time or busyness is never an excuse.

Well, we don't have to be grammar expert in a sense, I am not! English is not our native tongue. But somehow its good that we have knowledge about today's medium of instruction which is the English language.



My cousin had to buy cheeseburger for my aunt's little boy last night and so we made our entrance at the drive-thru of McDonald. While waiting for my cousin's order, a young boy came near my window . He was selling sampaguita. I bought a pair of corsage. I could have bought more of it on his hand so the lad can go home ....but i only took the amount from my purse good for two. On my way home, i felt a tinge if guilt. I told myself how could i have been so insensitive! I could have eased the boy's struggle. I felt pathetic. I tried console myself and argued.."ev,you can't save the world!" But of course i can...but of course i am too capable at least in my own simple and little way!I brushed aside the idea of saving poverty but still in my mind, i thought of the young boy. There is actually a big difference of helping out of pity than helping out of sympathy huh! By that time, i was feeling a little anxious. I went to bed a little late. I forgot about the lad. The next morning i realize what i did last night, i was simply there and dipped into the water..but i forgot to make wave...i didn't make a difference. Did i help? I dont know....i am simply feeling guilty.


Tickle me...

A wife once said, "Health is Wealth".

When the husband died, the lawyer read the husband's last will of testament.

To my children: I give my mansion and my P50million pesos.
To my wife: ALL MY VITAMINS!!!!(WAAAHHH!Harhar!);0)

...in fairness natawa talaga ako dito!LOL!



How come Beyonce here just exactly copied my voice and figure!(joke!;0)
..di ko kinaya performance level ni kapatid dito!tsk..tsk...;0

may writer's block ako ngayon kaya kantahan muna tayo...well this is my song as of the moment...and so please listen...


Adieu my friend...

"..AH, poems amount to so little when you write too early in your life. You ought to wait and gather sense and sweetness for a whole lifetime, and a long one if possible, and then, at the very end, you might perhaps be able to write ten good lines.

For poems are not, as people think, simply emotions (one has emotions early enough)—they are experiences. For the sake of a single poem, you must see many cities, many people and Things, you must understand animals, must feel how birds fly, and know the gesture which small flowers make when they open in the morning.

You must be able to think back to streets in unknown neighborhoods, to unexpected encounters, and to partings you had long seen coming; to days of childhood whose mystery is still unexplained, to parents whom you had to hurt when they brought in a joy and you didn’t pick it up (it was a joy meant for somebody else); to childhood illness that began so strangely with so many profound and difficult transformations, to days in quiet; restrained rooms and to mornings by the sea, to the sea itself, to seas, to nights of travel that rushed along high overhead and went flying with all the stars—and it is still not enough to be able to think of all that. You must have memories of many nights of love, each one different from all the others, memories of women screaming in labor, and of light, pale sleeping girls who have just given birth and are closing again.

But you must also have been beside the dying, must have sat beside the dead in the room with the open window and the scattered noises. And it is not yet enough to have memories. You must be able to forget them when they are many, and you must have the immense patience to wait until they return. For the memories themselves are not important.

Only when they have changed into our very blood, into glance and gesture, and are nameless, no longer to be distinguished from ourselves—only then can it happen that in some very rare hour the first word of a poem arises in their midst and goes forth from them."
-By a German poet Rainer Maria Rilke

....in memory of a very good friend of mine who just passed away..
...you will be missed my friend... have a truly wonderful journey with God.


Jesus Take the Wheel....

Akala ni Sheng marunong ako sumayaw kasi minsan out of the blue, kahit sa gitna ng crowd i would start to groove into my own dance move...ganyan ako ka kalog at walanghiya minsan..until now i am still learning how to groove that dance step by these two crazy and funny detectives in the movie "the PinkPanther"...kakaloka ang moves nila sa isang scene duon..I still couldnt help but laugh each time i remember that movie!...and even the dance step of "Happy Feet"!Nothing but nice nice and funny films!!...well, being a frustrated dancer(kaya sabi ko sa self ko,"ev,you can't have it all!naks!ang kapal!;0, eto na naman ang gusto ko pag-aralan one day...and i hope someday mareng ghee will teach me how to dance.;0)tsika lang ghee!but i am hoping.hehe!

Anyway, malayo naman tayo...one day narinig ko na lang ang song na ito from my student's mp3 and its so inspiring..let me share this video to lift souls whose down and weary...check this out!


An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?

There is never a night that i just cannot end when i could not get to watch this tv Filipino drama anthology series entitled "Maging Sino Ka Man". I get hooked into the story that i cant wait to see its final episode. The theme of the story is all about love, family and revenge. I could say that from day one up to this point in time, this "teleserye" is intellectually scripted. What a wonderful story about characters whose lives truly evolve in love but because of the conflicting situations where family is involved, one is willing to sacrifice his love only to avenge his family.

The story has a very good lesson if viewers try to dig what this series is actually trying to teach. It's a kind of story that will move you and make you an intelligent viewer (well to my own assessment). Well i must say, congratulations to the writers and directors of this teleserye. It's not just an ordinarily made plot and conflict but very well-done work of art...aside from the fact that the actors are all doing a great part and portrayal of roles.

We all go back to being human when hurt...our natural reaction is to avenge ourselves and loved ones. But as I watched closely to the ends of it all, while i was so immersed last night watching "Maging sino ka Man"..there is still greater realization at the end of all hatred...a mistake will always be a mistake if what one has all in mind is but revenge.

Sabi naman nila, di na uso ang martyr ngayon,wala nang binabaril sa Luneta... kasi ang park ngayon lovers' nest na!;0

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?" or "If someone slap you on the right cheek, turn your left cheek too and have it slapped?". O di kayay, kapag binato ka nang bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay pero kasama ang boteng lalagyan nito!harhar!;0) Ang hirap din ano?kasi galit ka eh!sigh!;(

Which way are you?


Re: Am setting you free..

Well this sharing is a long one...

One time, i received an email from a guy in the states ,whom i met online almost two years ago. He's in his early 40's,single but in a relationship, a filipino but already a U.S citizen,living in the States since his childhood. The subject of his email goes like this: Re: Am setting you free.
I got curious with it and thought of the possibility that this might mean something very important to part of the sender. My intuition was right. While reading the entire thought of the email, i realized that the email comes from a filipina woman whom he so fell in love with.It's a break-up letter addressed to him.

Memories of my past, the first time i knew him online, flashed back on me. The lady's name was the same woman he once told me that he's so deeply in love with for a very long time. But the break-up letter I noticed was just recently made the moment he forwarded it on me and to all the ladies he knows or communicates with in the internet. Take note: forwarding the break-up letter of a woman so innocent, so hurt, that the guy (on the other hand),while adding insult to injury, sharing such personal letter to everybody!!!

And I was like..whoaaa!what's this?? And so without ado, i emailed him back and asked what was going on. The reply was brief but precise: "just want the world to know that i am open now to market". I got pissed off with his response...he was forwarding the email to all the girls in the net, at the expense of the this woman's feeling, only to simply tell the entire cyberspace that he's available again?!;0

I was trying to analyze the possibilities of their break-up based from the woman's email, and the reason is clear.. the guy doesn't trust the woman. YOu'd be moved if you get to read the woman's email. But i recall how I ended my friendship with this man. The lady who wrote the break-up letter shares the same dilemma with me. My communication with him ended too about a year ago because he just couldn't believe that I am real...he simply thought that i'm just a scam.

After all those times when I was his shock absorber, outlet and adviser...finding him too insecure and full of doubts...while I was there to at least boost his ego,to let him go out of his shell,to learn to trust and to just continue wooing this filipina woman...he remained doubtful of my intention. He even got my number only to find out that his real motive of calling was simply to verify if my voice sounds like the other women he was wooing in cyberspace. I laughed at his idea but my God! i was sooo upset!!After all, my friendship with him went wasted and I was even wasting my time of responding his email only to find out that he never believed in my existence in the first place. And so in response i asked him to drop our friendship and stop communicating with me. I wouldn't care to explain for my side or for the things i am never guilty of. From then on, we stop hearing from each other.

Out of my concern to the lady i forwarded back to her the break-up letter. I don't know if I made the right move. I never meddled anyone else's personal experience in all my life, unless my advise is needed. The fact that these two people involved are after all, still total strangers to me. But the following day, i received a very long email from the woman,telling me how even hurt she is with what the guy did to her. There from her email, the filipina woman narrated all the things she did only to let the guy believe that she's honest and real. I found out too that she's a girl from Makati, Metro Manila, working in a logistic company, a professional, and most of all so young and pretty. I realized how much she so love this man but to just end her struggle, she finally decided to end their relationship.

I've heard a lot of stories in the internet..in the chat room..in this cyberspace about filipina women, if not opportunists, are the ones' being played around by men in the other end of the line. But the lesson here is simple and clear: In an instance one will know and find out that everything is just a game between them if along with their conversation or even trading emails that something is actually missing...go surf and see the in depth of your sharing...and if one still think that still it's not real i advise either party to drop everything to make the story short before you both lose respect with each other. Move on in life, and settle for something that will fill you with purpose. We all fall in love..and trust is very important no matter how distance separates you both...very risky...so clueless for both people involve...life is a game of chance. You get hurt now but later on, in time, you'll learn to trust again, and for sure it will be for the right reason..for the right person.

Life is like that...we all get hurt in order to learn.