On early dawn...

My eyes haven't been well lately that I need to have my glasses on. Well,just to give a little update of me for having been out of the blogosphere recently. Today is the third advent Sunday as a preparation for the birth of the baby Jesus in the manger.

As has been traditionally done here in the Philippines, we just started this day the early dawn mass otherwise known as "Misa de Gallo". And I am glad to have noticed a crowd of churchgoers that really filled me with awe. We hardly able to get a seat that we had to stand out in the church corridor hoping to at least get a glance of the Altar as the mass went on. It was a very solemn celebration where Catholics from all walks of life grouped together in preparation for the coming of our Saviour and King Jesus Christ.

The theme of the mass celebration speaks about humility. What is humility and how do we practice this value? How do we celebrate Christmas with simplicity and a sense of satisfaction,remembering Christ's humble beginning when He was born in the manger. These are questions I should like to answer in my mind. And that the material things or Christmas presents will just be meaningful when shared to those who do not have.

On early dawn, we await for the coming of Christ.The Lord has long come in our life. He's just there, there in our hearts."


Nance said...

He is the reason for the season, i am really upset that there are people nowadays who are opposed in saying Merry Christmas, that it should be Happy Holidays ... well, I strongly refuse to say that.
Merry Christmas

krystyna said...

Hi Ev!
Very beautiful post!
Polish poet Kochanowski said:
"Jesus was born in manger but woe is me if He didn't born in my heart" ( I'm not sure if it has a sense in English).
Marry Christmas!

krystyna said...

Last template was very beautiful, but this is Excellent!

ghee said...

glasses??you wear glasses na?

advent season na,and i really miss simbang gabi..wish we also have that here,pero siguro,walang magsisimba dahil maginaw...brrr

happy holidays,my dear friend!

Mari said...

Simbang Gabi is now celebrated here in some U.S. cities where there are a lot of Pinoy church goers. It was introduced of course by our people. It is, however, done in the evening, not at dawn. Sobrang ginaw sa madaling araw...brrr.

Merry Christmas.

ev said...

It is sad to realize that some people based the celebration of Christmas on money and on material things...when they lose touch with the real meaning of Christmas instead of making the celebration as a way of thanking God for all the blessings that we enjoy no matter how big or little those blessings may seem.

Have a Cheerful Christmas to you!

Thank you for your sweetness , your English will always make sense and so don't be too conscious about it..after all its not the grammar but the thought of it that counts.

A very Merry Christmas dear friend!

Matagal na akong may glasses, kaya lang I don't wear it as often..ayoko kasi sagabal para sa'kin,the eye doctor advised me not to remove it kaya lang matigas talaga ulo ko eh!hehe!

Try mo naman na magcelebrate ng Christmas dito sa atin nxt yr...

Maligayang Pasko kaibigan!


ev said...

Wow!I am glad to hear na may simbang gabi din pala dyan...that's good. After all di pa rin nawawala sa ating mga pinoy ang ating mga nasimulan as as Christians.

yes, the wind's so cold...

Merry Christmas to you too!Enjoy your holidays...

wITChy Boop said...

I always hate it when some people would just sing their caroling to me. I 100 percent failed to feel their emotions while singing. Di ko matouched. di man sad tuyuon pero plastikan na ko sa uban.

On the other way bes, when kids would sing for me, I always like it.
Feel ko talaga na paskong pasko na