On Finding meanings...

The greatest miracle on earth is a mother giving birth to another human being who might one day be just one of the rest, might be a very good or not so good leader or might be bringing such effect to other people's lives.

We all make friendship in all walks of our lives wherever road our journey may lead us. And I must say that God really blessed me having found real friendship with people whose roads now diverged from mine.

Songs of worship remind of me of the happiest time of my youth when I was there singing before the Father the praise and worship He truly deserves. I was there with the rest of other gifted individuals who have now become a part of my wonderful journey. If could only freeze the moments...we'd all be ice now!:)

I have made friendship with people who have really left a big mark in the deepest corner of my heart.To some I might not be the best while to some I might be one. To some I might have touched lives while to others I might just be wind. I miss these people...so terribly!Lord knows how much I value the friendship.There were just foolish moments I regret for lying before God and my family the stolen memories of my times with them. To just simply not ask permission in going out with friends, for having a father who naturally hates the sun to set without us his children before his very eyes.

I love my father inspite of the fights we have had. It's just that I don't understand his logic. But I could really never imagine life without my family. I maybe far from them often but in my heart and mind, I love them more than myself. My prayer goes to them each of my waking hour. There are just things we forget to compromise to understand each other's differences as one family. But who I am now I owe before God and my parents. Who am I to grumble when life sometimes doesn't turn out to be the way I chartered it! I'm blessed...I must not stop from that realization.

The life of Helen Keller is a life well lived more than us who are born complete. My heart melts knowing how tough must life be being blind and deaf as Helen. But she had wonderfully woven the story of her life. She had witnessed the beauty of God's creation and heard the deepest longings of her heart more than the one who can see thru his naked eye and hear with his senses. Helen might have pains and anguish during her youth, but with all the examples she'd set, I realize that there's more to the unseen and much to what are felt.

Now, what adds beauty to life for me is not at all about things that can only be bought. What a big realization to finally able to understand that the real essence of my existence is actually for free. FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE...what else can be more beautiful to life than knowing this and having this in my heart. I'm blessed..inspite of all my imperfections...I'm blessed.

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glad said...

Hi sister,

I was mesmerized by your plot, i know this is you. The poetic one...full of life and love.

"FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE...what else can be more beautiful to life than knowing this and having this in my heart. I'm blessed..inspite of all my imperfections...I'm blessed."

That line really hit me, and yes i agree with you. I also have questions in life, asking what's the purpose of my existence, why am i here. It's not because i was badly hurt, minsan lang tlga dumarating sa buhay mo na nagtatanong ka. Di rin naman ako loka loka no..haha, i'm perfectly fit and healthy..joke lang sis.

With all that seeking and looking for an answer, i bump into as you say "the greatest realization" and that is "Friendship and love". That's the essence of our presence here on earth..our fulfillment..our happiness.

Your such a nice friend to be with, wherever i'll be...you're always here inside me. Sister, di jud malimtan ang biga biga...haha..shhhh, behave na baya ko ron.

Guess i've found my one great love..ehem. Yah i'm serious.

Cge ha kay carried away na kaau ko.

Nice blog! I'm really glad I introduce this to you. Keep it up!!!