Why there are broken vows

Love is never gone in marriage. When you wake up and don't feel the love (that you only know) to your partner, it's not about that sad feeling.. for love never leaves. The truth is, it's only to deceive your heart, so that you'll learn that true love isn't solely based on feelings but with years- it's in commitment. Everything has a learning process..even in knowing what love is all about.

Why there are so many broken vows nowadays? It's because we have not gone far enough to discover the real essence of a love. We are too weak to go on with time and end up hurting each other.

"You hurt your partner because you are finding your own selfish way out. You believe you have the command to defend your stupid feeling and you are actually caught in the bait of it."Love is not just a matter of heart, it's both the mind and the heart ..that's why there is a word called "sanity". Once you leave your partner because you think you fall out of love..you are a big wrong.Your misconception of love leads you to finding someone new because you define love so poorly and that you must know."

We are perfect examples of imperfections and thus we admit our human frailties, we stop from there.

Marriage is not created for a love to be temporal. The vow is made for us to realize that we need to grow even more in love every single day and that each waking hour is another discovery to the real meaning of it. The real triumph in all forms of relationships can only be tested by time.. no more, no less.

And so for you who feel broke, I wish words were good enough to let you know that it's never your lost. It's just the kind of someone who hasn't realized your worth.

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