my prayer

Lord, I don't know how to begin my words. I so want to talk to you each moment of my life. I so want to tell you of the things I still don't understand as human but you are there to open our hearts and mind. I have been staring blankly on my dashboard for quite a while thinking how I might put these feelings into words to prove at least in words how much this faith has helped me in so many ways. Thank you for your undying love. You died for my sins Jesus, all because your love is true and pure. Help us and teach us to show that same love for others, Lord. Make us a perfect creation as You with our Father, our Creator, are perfect. Take away our pride, our selfish egos and desires and teach us to serve others in need. Help us realize everyday of our lives that what we have are all yours and that we must use them in right ways. 

I thank you for the wisdom to understand things. The wisdom that only comes from You. Hold us, Jesus! We are nothing without you. Protect us from evil ways and let us always be mindful of things are pleasing to you, so that one day when this is all over, we will be happily worthy of the paradise that you promise, in a life that will have no end, with You. I love you, Jesus. Come into our everyday lives because we are weak. Be our strength so that whatever trials come our way, we are strong in You. All these I pray with Mother Mary. Amen

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