Surigao del Sur's finest destination..

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
– St. Augustine

Taking the holiday off, we did our two days exploration to a province not known to us.

The unexpected twist of our destination and the most tiring trip for we had to commute only by van and a single motorcycle (scary ride..)hence, turned out to be the exciting, challenging, and memorable experience ever.

Traveling almost 163kms. from Davao to Bislig...

Our first unexpected destination was to Hinatuan Islet. This was my first time to ride such a tiny boat while the sea waves splashed untiringly.

The following morning, our next destination was to Hinatuan's Enchanted River.

Clear freshwater, blue lagoon, and characterized by thousands of fish freely enjoying the water...

Our third destination was to Tinuy-an Falls Burboanan, Bislig,
15 kms. from Enchanted River.
"Lord, how vast is thy gifts of nature..how little i am!"

"Trudging the top of the falls...catching my breath."

"God's wonder is amazing!"

Have a Joyful Christmas and
a blessed New Year to all!


JK said...

wow Extraordinary pictures, looks like a peaceful and wonderful place to be...

razzy said...

nice place ev... :)

Mari said...

What a beautiful place, Ev. Hope it will stay as pristine for years to come.

Thanks for sharing.

Nabeel said...

The pictures are fantastic. Especially the one where you are on the bridge. Looks like a rainforest .. but ah being so close to nature. awesome