this season..

One thing I love about Christmas is that inspite of the many trials and struggles that people are going through, still you'll see and feel them really aiming for a better if not a perfect Christmas. We all have different ways of defining Christmas. For some it may be having their family together, for others it may be the feeling of excitement of the exchanging gifts that brings, the merry-making, reunions with old friends and relatives, or it may be the feeling of being able to share what we have to the less fortunate ones. To sum it up, we want to feel the spirit of Christmas as something like far from the ordinary days that we have when we just simply wake up one morning and rush for work.

Christmas is remembering and thanking the ONE significant reason why God so love mankind. In a nut shell, Christmas is a time to realize that we don't simply exist to a life that is meaningless. And that no matter how much we feel like being left out while the rest have gone to their stairways to successes, still "your" existence has a reason for being.

I wish for a Christmas that is not fleeting for us all. A season that will not just be remembered... but lived by everyday of our lives.

Maligayang Pasko!:)


krystyna said...

Blessed and Merry Christmas to you my dear friend
and to yours!

You always have a great words and music here!

the donG said...

Maligayang Pasko Evs!

ghee said...

Hi Ev,

too bad na dito ay di mo pa feel ang real spirit ng xmas,nakigaya kang sila for business purposes...

at ako,di na ako excited pag xmas,bukod sa kelangan kong mag luto ng marami,im glad na may iba kaming bisita this year,kase laging kami kami lang,hehe...wala na rin akong natatanggap na presents unlike b4..hehe

well,i wish you all the luck this year Ev!!miss yah!!

willson said...

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