On knowing..

Ten years had passed when I first heard a good friend affirming on the old cliche about "teaching as the noblest of all professions". I honestly did not grasp the thought that goes with it at that time. I have always believed that no profession is far greater than the other. All works require the hearts of us all. All being noble. As I hold true to what I believe, I thought I have fully understood what it means to be giving your heart in what you do. As I venture now into this new discovery about teaching as a profession, I then slowly realize that what my friend said ten years ago may have been explaining it all at present. It took me years to realize that there is more to being in the teaching career. IN teaching, one does not deal with paper works or gadgets...one deals with humans. All come from different cultures, values and attitudes. And this is happening everyday as part of a teacher's lifestyle. The greatest challenge lies on the truth that a teacher does not only hone the minds of these individuals. Teachers don't simply teach and facilitate learning--- they affect lives.

BUT the big question here, is that "how far can a teacher go?" Not all in the profession are actually happy with what they do. Some stay in the teaching career because they're already there and they're simply afraid to lose their job or income. This truth however, does not happen only to those in the teaching profession but even to all forms of professions. Sometimes, when things don't seem to fall in places at the height of our responsibility as a worker, a daughter or a son, a brother or a sister, a wife or a husband, a mother or a father and even as a friend or companion, we also come to ask ourselves "how far can I still go?".

It's been years already, since I last read Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. Last night, as I scanned pages of it, I am once again reminded the essentials of things---and that all being performed for God through others and not for self-satisfaction.

Have a happy weekend everyone!Thanks for reading my thoughts. :)


adelle said...

Hi Eve..I was blogging about the Teaching Profession last night and lo and behold, yours is also about the nobility of it all..well..teachers are teachers ..nice to be back to blogging..have a pleasant day!

wITChy Boop said...

bes! na miss tuloy kita lalo!

tikya said...

i realized that being a teacher is incomparable. as we care for our students, we learn how to cover our sorrow with a smile, we learn how to stay vigorous despite all the task we endure, we learn how to give hope eventhough ours is unclearly seen, we learn how to give strength even at time that we are weak.. nobody would know what kind of life a teacher has.. unless they become one.

im proud.

the donG said...

true. it's nice that we look back at where we are truly rooted. that book is really a must read.