She's in pain...

Our Lady of Lourdes

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About two weeks had passed when a news broke on local television about the image of Our Lady of Lourdes ( picture above), that can be found at my grandparents' hometown ( in Samal Island) , cried blood. Some who have very little faith and do not believe in miracles being performed by Mama Mary may have strong disbelief that in this present time, things like this are still happening. While most devote Catholics went there for a prayer vigil offering flowers and their in individual prayers and petitions.

Many stories were told right after the incident. There were some who even experienced very sad dilemmas after uttering bad words of disbelief. (Well if you don't believe in miracles, that would be up to you. But you can spare from saying anything bad against it..) One doctor came to test the blood but there was no finding because according to those who have witnessed, the blood wouldn't penetrate or even stain into the cotton no matter how much he'd tried.

As we went there in Samal Island on the exact occasion too of my lola's death anniversary last Friday, I went to visit Her grotto to witness myself. I was in mixed emotion and felt so speechless to have seen the stain of blood that remains in Her cheeks and hands. I have not seen such instance in all my life! I don't know.. but to me even when I know that everyday is actually a miracle, in my heart I know she's deeply in pain. Was that miracle a call for total conversion? yeah, sure...looking around in our society nowadays, of the so many social issues, hurts,injustices, moral degeneration and all, its actually not an impossible thing that the Mother Mary will shed a tear.

During my three days stay there, I noticed that on my second visit, the blood on her left cheek disappeared but on my third times before we went back to Davao, as we dropped by to light candles and offer a prayer, I noticed the blood stain again in Her both cheeks..and it seems to me that the blood continues to flow still. Do you believe in miracle? Well, I do.


Rubi said...

In this day an age, it would seem that Our Lady has a lot to cry about.

shoshana said...

That's amazing...and a miracle. How did it make the people feel?

krystyna said...

I belive in miracles.
Thank you Ev for sharing this miracle story. It is very interesting!
God bless you and your family!

krystyna said...

I like that pic (up) ....The journey..
Your blog is amazing!

krystyna said...

“And to the centurion Jesus said, "Go; let it be done for you according to your faith." And the servant was healed in that hour.”—Matthew 8:13

ev said...


yeah, you're right.

Some people do really believe and so they go there and offer a prayer everyday especially those who have physical illness...some even come from far places both from different walks of life- the rich and the poor. While there are still some who are still in disbelief.


I know you believe in miracles...

thank you for always being around...more than words can say.

Ash said...

Of course, yes. I believe it.

Nance said...

absolutely! there is a higher power up there ...and there is power in praying. thanks for the pic, ev