A big thanks tikey...

I've known tikey here for quite a year na rin. She's super funny and mabait, ever willing to share her talent to the best of her ability.(naks!)Kaya naman iniidolo sya ng lahat at kaya naman mahal kita kaibigan...huhuhu!drama ever ako noh?!;0)...Anywayssss highwayssss ika nga nya, i am simply touched with tikey's thoughtfulness...and that inspite of her busy schedules, she makes sure that her availability for friends ,who are in times of need, remains intact.

I want you to know my fren that all that i say here are deeply seeded from the bottom of my hypothalamus(at talagang ginamitan ko ng science?duh!)...of my heart.

Tikey is currently changing my template. My newly hired architect..hehe! And so while I am away, I will have tikey to take charge of my little haven.

A big thanks my friend! You don't know how proud I am to have you with ghee around in this blogosphere!! I love you guysss! Speed on!


Shoshana said...

Hey Ev, did I miss something? Are you going anywhere?

I can't wait to see your new template.

ghee said...

heyy,touched nman ako dun... :)
yep,Tikey is really good,di ka mag dadalawang salita,kahit na super super hectic ang skeds nya..

miss yah,mah fren!under construction pala ang site mo ha?i bet,maiinspired ka pag nakita mo na ang bago mong lay out :)

ive been away,Ev,i hope nakabawi ako *wink*
hows your new adventure?go and break a leg,okies??

ev said...

Hey Shan,
I will just be away for couple of weeks while tikey is fixing my template. (Hala!asan na kaya yun?umatras ata!hehe!jowk lang tikey!;0)

Oo naman, nakabawi ka my fren...na miss yata kita..but i understand..kaw pah!hehe!nag enjoy lang naman ako at nakigulo sa haybol mo...nyahahaa!

i'll be back soon while tikey (na hanggang ngayon eh busy pa yata..hehe!)will beautify my munting tahanan.;0)

tutubing_karayom said...

Nyhahhaha nakakahiya nman, late ako! nyhahah! ur welcome! muahh! happy din ako na makilala kayo! muahhhh


ann said...

Dami ko na nga naikutan na blog na si tk ang may kagagawan ng template....hehehe. Kahit nga super busy yan laging andyan anytime na buzz mo sya.