The three languages of LOVE

They say that love comes in different languages. No, Don't take it literally, it's not the spoken one per se...but it's how people express their love in different ways. Here's my own ideology...(assumption ko lang..hehe!)

1. The romantic or sentimental ones...express love thru words and flowers, chocolates or letters and even objects...they're the most outspoken kind of lovers.

2. The silent ones...they're not much mushy, maybe just too shy to express their feelings into words, but as a partner, you'll know eventually that there's more to words and flowers or chocolates..you'll just read feelings in their eyes and their actions...and you know that it's still something tangible or real.

3.The non-expressive at all..oh no!they're not the ones with a heart as hard as rock..they can be misinterpreted most of the times for they even forget to greet you on special events or occasions, but you know that he/she is just there in one corner, always with you thru the happiest and the saddest times of your life. They may be non-expressive at all, but by just being there for you means more than the expressions of love.

Which one are you?;0)


ghee said...

nakss naman ah..di ba pwedeng all of the above?LOL!

syempre,ako yung no 1...ikaw ba Ev,alin ka jan?

yung no 3...???

di ko feel ang valentine`s..may cold war kami ni Hubby :)

gladys said...

Hmmm.. it should have a choice no 4, yung "All of the above". Dun ako sa 'all of the above'. Nagawa ko na kasi ang lahat ng nabanggit ~hehehe. Kasi when a certain person is inlove, she/he tends to be mushy (not sure bout the spelling) all the time..un bang sabi nila, OA (Over Acting) daw.

Basta sister, un na un..

Hey happy v-day in advance..date ta ha! (puhon)

ev said...

mareng ghee,

bakit nga ba di "all of the above" na lang sagot natin para safe?(wink!)..kidding aside..its obvious that you're the romantic type mahfren...hmmm..ako?syempre ako pa rin yung no. 1 dyan,kya lang hopeless romantic!ngeee!i was just trying to step on other people'shoe while sorting this out esp. if your lover belongs to either 2 or 3 on this list...

sometimes kasi we forget to go beyond the inner side of the person, yun bang ang nakikita lang natin often is what's obvious, kaya why don't we try also to include the non-expressive or non-romantic type of people but deep inside, just maybe they're just not the showy ones that some partner only failed to understand..naks naman!kung magsalita ako it seems like ang ganda ng lovelife ko ano?hehe! napaka-ironic!.... mmm...i was supposed to say at the last part...like "which one would you rather be? other than knowing your self as a partner or lover.

oh, bakit naman may cold war kau ng hubby mo ghee?;0(...nalungkot tuloy ako...sige lang..make- up for the lost time..take care!

tya glads,

ikaw na nga yan!!ok lang 'ol of d abov", lahat naman tayo sometimes, we become like either of the three in some instances di ba?..ay naku agree ako dyan...kapag in luv ka, feeling mo, kaw na pinakamasayang nilalang sa mundo at pinakamaganda pa!;0)and you can even do things you are not used to like being blunt with your feelings toward your partner...normal ata yan eh...ang sarap sabihin ang mga iloveyou thing kapag nagmamahal ka, di nakakasawa...naks!

hmmm..v-day?'sang sanmiglight yan ah!remember?;0)

Sheng said...

Tiya,I agree with glad, maka OA jud minsan if ma inlove. hahaha naka relate ko.

Tikey said...

Ako number 1 tlga.. mahilig akong mag send ng cards khit walang occasion just to express wat i feel.. naubos na nga collection kong card, dahil lagi kaming me lQ ni faffy at un ang panggamot ko hehehe

ann said...

Hhhmmm..ako paiba-iba eh. Basta umiikot dyan sa tatlong yan. depende sa mood.

ghee said...

oh,Ev,dont worry about me..cold war lang yun at hindi world war IV,hehe..

actually,kailangan yun sa relationship to make it last longer,nag papakyut na nga sha sa kin,pero pahihirapan ko muna..to get wht i want,LOL!

lucky din nmn sha after that. ;)

so,good luck na lang sa yong lovelife,i hope someday ikaw naman ang nagsasabi sa kin na "may cold war" kayo.. *wink*

razzy said...

all of the above din ako...

i can be outspoken, in a particular person.. a very special one.. mahilig kase akong magsurprise... but i don't say a lot of words, pag feel ko lang.

silent din ako... sometimes more of action than words.. depende talaga sa sitwasyon.. depende din sa taong bibigyan mo ng pagmamahal..:)

non expressive ako when it comes to family, but i never forget any occassions....

ev said...

mmm..just fall in luv..i'm happy for you and your bebe...

sure thing that's the romantic you...i remember the times when i used to be one too...wooo..
ayoko muna mag-emo...life's like that...save your marriage mahfren, you're your man's angel...and many people need your thoughtfulness too kaya spread your goodness!

happy one year in your blogsite..am happy for you and your KD...we all are these three in some instances..tama ka, depende sa mood yun..God bless!

i hate to realize that there are broken marriages and so, i want you to be happy with your hubby and for your marriage to last...petty quarrels are parts of any forms of relationship...and am glad that you're both ok now.

we're very much alike in some way like the way i express my love to my family...di rin kami lumaki magkapatid na nasanay magshow ng intimacy...kaya siguro bumabawi tayo when in love...mas masarap pa rin magshow ng feeling of love than hide it di ba?i dont wanna have regrets anymore just becoz di ko nasabi sa taong mahal ko ang gusto kong sabihin...even if it means i lose.

racky said...

gawa ko lahat yan, alang itulak-kabigin ;)

Happy Valentine's Day! may ka-date ka na ba? dami sa bahay ko, heheh!