She cried...to full extent...
so that after this She'd be a better person...

His silence tore her into pieces.
Over and over she kept telling herself "this can't be real"!
"Damn! I don't deserve this!
I just accepted him...thinking this would be the
happiness I long waited."

But seemed like she made the wrong desicion,
the pain was like a torture...every waking hour was a realization
that reality hurts...really hurts.

There she was....surprisingly found herself in the comfort room.
Hoping to find relief and hoping to flush every single memory left 'bout him.
She turned the faucet in full,

...so that the sound of the water flushing would conceal her crying.

She wanted to shout 'till she could reach his soul,
and have him heard how much his neglect
made her like a wet cat that had been bitten so badly.

Too bad she invested feelings to someone less deserving....
Sometimes she wanted to condemn him,
But the more she tried to avenge herself,

the stronger her feelings for him had become...
Oh! How she hated the realization!

She knew deep in her heart, she wanted him back...despite!


tray said...

Love makes us do things that we would advise others not to do.

ev said...

i should have known...