"The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not Want."

A Blessed Sunday!:)


How's your tax?

One of the recent complains I heard from fellow worker upon getting her salary slip was the her increasing amount of tax deduction. This was not clearly explained to us though. However, we have the right to know why and we are free to ask the company we work for. In some part of the world, perhaps we hear the same complain. The increasingly salary deduction due to increased amount of tax payment to the government. While we are pleased to share a portion of our hard earned money to the government's project, still we claim that at least, for a reasonable cost. In most countries, they have beautiful and wide cemented roads and bridges. This is due to the higher portion of tax collected by the government to all workers. As citizen, we are obliged to follow policy. We see the result. In fact, they are very good. With regards to queries regarding your tax, it is surprising to note that irs tax extension form can now be available online. Wow! Look what can the technology does nowadays. There are even income tips that will help you solve your problem with taxes should you wish to lessen or avail deductions to your taxes. Stop thinking how you could possibly do them for online technology will make them easy for you. Start your query now and worry no more. :)


"I just want to thank YOU for each rise of the sun.."


wedding gowns

One of the most momentous events in one's life is to be walking in the aisle with the one you love as you exchange vows for love. But the preparations will need to be given much effort as we all want our moment at least close to perfect. As a bride, though  I prefer it to be simple yet meaningful, still I would choose to wear something that will make me the most beautiful at that very moment. Oh yeah!To dream the impossible dream, but I believe in will power and in God's will. Anyway, there are lots to choose from nowadays as we can just surf them online. I found red bridesmaid dresses so glamorous for bridesmaids. This reminds me of one movie I once saw when the bridesmaids walked in aisle. The bride's beauty and her gown simply transients to the beauties around her. I was once every bride's choice for a maid (lol!), well I hope someday soon, I can choose my own and maybe this one will help. :)

A blessed Saturday, God bless.