a sixth grader and me

I was busy working on a pile of paperworks when all of a sudden, my sixth grader came to me asking about something out of the blue.

"Sensei, you are in the middle of the street with your boyfriend on your right side while your ex-boyfriend is on your left side. It is your wedding day and you are already 30mins. late on your wedding. Suddenly, someone somewhere in the area wants to shoot you. When he pulls the trigger, your ex-boyfriend runs quickly to protect you and so bullet hits him before it reaches you. Now, my question is, you are already 30 minutes late to your wedding day. Where would you go? To your ex-boyfriend or to your boyfriend who will soon to be your husband?"

Well then my answer was quick. I would try to save my ex-boyfriend's life first coz' the wedding can wait. He smiled at me. I asked if I answered him right. He just nodded and left.

It took me a moment to stop from what I was doing for a while and reflect on the situation that my student presented on me. I know that the depth of my answer wasn't there. When the central idea that goes with it is to whom must a woman give her love instead or who among these men can give much of his self.

Talking about love in deeper sense, at times I feel like I don't have the right at all. It seems to me that it's just too profound among all other words in the dictionary, easy to give but hard to contain when tested. Every one of us has million of ways to define love yet all these million ways meet the same ends- that "you + me= us or we". And when it is already a matter of heart, we become the strongest in our weakest or the other way around.

Well, just one thing, I believe that in life and in love, we all are winners, regardless. We are born to give love and it naturally bounces back just when you don't realize..even when you thought your heart is broken. It's just there. We can only learn from it and then again believe.

Thanks for reading. :)