"APOLOGIZING does not always mean you are wrong
and the other person is right.

It just means you value your
more than your ego."



Words won't suffice it all, but really Ma,

...thank you.



"I always tell my students that when you write, just let your heart go. There's no need to impress your readers. You'll know eventually,along the way, that it's already your heart that brings out the natural writer in you."

There were moments, honestly, in my profession when I wanted another career than think of how I might help or serve the youth of today. I tried applied for a different job, far from what I am at the moment. I almost got hired. On the second thought, maybe it was not what I should be going..because in the first place, this should be where I have to keep going. I could say that the hardest part of teaching young minds is the values formation. Because no matter how intellectual your student is, if he/she does not wear the right manner wherever he/she goes, still, that person will go back to a good-for-nothing individual. "It is not your IQ that gets you promoted to a job but its your EQ", as some say.

I love it when they come and seek for advice.But, ughh! oh, how I hate it when they fight! Sometimes, reprimanding can be very tiring. Sometimes I would say, "You see, I don't have a kid of my own, but how come I have so much of you in an instant!" Well, of course, that's part of my joke!haha! And so I'd say, when you make mistake against anybody, just humbly say, "I'm sorry." No need to explain or defend your side. An apology, if you are sincere enough, will remain an apology. And if you need to forgive someone, you don't have to say words that might only condemn that person asking for your forgiveness, you can simply accept that apology. No more, no less. That way, you two can still bridge a gap that no one else can.

Well, it's not that easy for an educator. To just say your words, wondering if your students have with them at least a piece of it once they go out of your classroom. But I can only hope.

Lastly, don't complain. This time, I'm talking to myself. Haha!
My timetable-making is nearing.lol!

God bless everyone!