How time flies so fast!In my years of blogging, there have been lots of changes around. Other than losing track with a few good friends here in blogosphere, there are shifting of careers, of moving on,of being out to see what's at the far end..where the path leads. At times, I would look back and smile at them.We meet people, we go with trends,we laugh or weep with others, we complain about social and political issues, we go on with our sailing, we dream the same dream, aim for the same goal, deal almost same challenges.. while all these teach the same lesson.

Life, every day and every year that unfolds, teaches us one common end- to be in one with others and circumstances as we are with ourselves..to be gentle as much as possible, however, firm and strong when the situation calls. And though the lessons may be countless, still we come to ask ourselves- "how much have I become out it all? am I now a learned person than who I was back then? I am not actually good in assessing myself no matter how I try. I still get to falter even in my faith at times. The only perfect thing I always hold true is that~ He never leaves.

Well, what am I talking here, by the way?(lol!) I haven't done this contemplation in a while. Hope I make sense. ;p

mom's pot..

a shot taken from my mother's pot..
..trying to catch before it withers.



ang tagal ko nang di naging emosyonal
ninamnam ko yata lahat ng bagay na masaya

pero ngayon
ngayon kolang yata gustong umiyak
kala ko tuloy-tuloy na
babalik rin pala ako sa'king dating emosyon

basta!gusto kolang umiyak sandali
lilipas din 'to..
"blogspot,pa-senti muna ha!
pramis, ngayon lang
ngingiti din ako uli bukas.


only lessons..

"There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons"

~Denis Waitley


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