The Death of Romance

I would like to share this excerpt from "OUr Daily Journey"...such a beautiful message addressed to the newly wed from a concern parent...and here it goes....

"You have now reached the time when your romance must die. In fact, it is necessary for romance to die in order that love may live and grow. Think of it this way: Your wedding marks the day when you plant the seed of romance. Romance is important;but it is not love itself;it is the seed of love-the seed of married love.

" Romance is a collection of pleasant emotions that come naturally with the anticipation of spending life together with the one you love. It is healthy and natural for you to have visions about the house in the suburbs, cuddly babies, and walks in the autumn woods with your perfectly lovable children skipping through the leaves.

"Yes, those times do indeed come- but they are mostly unplanned. And the moment will come when the pleasant emotions of romance are scattered by the winds of reality:burdensome car payments, orthodontist bills, sick babies wailing in the night, children fighting on the lawn and quarrels between the two of you. Then the towering flame of romance will dwindle- and sometimes even appear to be gone. The one you say you love has become unlovely. For a fleeting moment you allow the thought to cross your mind, " Do I really love him- Do I really love her- anymore? Is our love gone?"

" Don't you believe it! Its is at that moment when romance finally germinates into genuine love and begins to grow. On those days when it seems that nothing is left of your relationship but commitment,that is when God can teach you the great lesson that few people seem to understand: Love is not an emotion;it is an act if will. You are not declaring to everyone present today that you are "in love" but then you are now making a willful commitment " to love".

Remember, your marriage can never be threatened by the loss of love, only by the loss of your personal commitment to love."---Dean Ohlman



Looking for trees to perch but seems to find none...

Got these little birds one morning from my room's window pane..used to see them before I head for work every morning...not a good shot though, but I love hear them chirping.


to dust..

"By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground,
 for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”
Today is Ash Wednesday.



Just when you almost stop believing in your self, still there are occasions and people that will help you realize that you are after all worth it. And that it's still worth your while. Thanks for the confidence kids..I'll sure forever hold them all in my heart.
May God continue to bless our journey together.